About Neill

I spent forty years managing! Everything from motivating cold and wet soldiers through guiding and co-coordinating highly trained technicians to redesigning entire organizations. I have created plans and then realized them, mastered disasters and enjoyed success.

I am currently taking a few years to sail slowly around the world, which means that I have the time to work on exciting projects and help those whose life is a little more chaotic than mine. I enjoy using my experience to help you to achieve your full potential and achieve success.

I have lead international departments and companies, reorganized existing organizations, and set up new units across the world. I continuously increased efficiency by a combination of process analysis, system optimization and employee empowerment. In the last company that I lead, we increased the number of customers by a factor of ten while retaining employee numbers almost constant. Success is possible and fun, but it needs planning and then the guts to see the plan through.

Success is possible and fun, but
it needs planning and then
the guts to see the plan through.

I have gained many years of practical experience, but I also have the theoretical training to understand that experience. I have a diploma in systems management and a first-class science bachelor’s degree in management – both achieved via distance learning parallel to earning a living.

I have coached managers and self-employed professionals, and I know that you can identify most problems long before they occur if you take the time to make a realistic plan and “think things through.” I can coach and support you in this process. I can create finished plans, timelines, budgets and realization strategies. More importantly, I can coach you to develop realistic strategies on your own and thus, not just solve your current problems but also supply you with valuable life skills.

Contact me. Together we can achieve your objectives!