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SMART people learn from EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, AVERAGE people from their EXPERIENCES, STUPID people already have all THE ANSWERS.

Socrates (470-399 BC)

We all know the joke about the company searching for a young motivated employee with forty years experience. Impossible? Not if we combine your drive and knowledge of your special area with my experience of management, systems and organization.

The office is where you take it.
The office is where you take it.

Unlike many consultants who like to “serve up a solution for the actual problem”, I prefer to help people to find the answers and understand the methodology involved in doing so. Hopefully the next time they will need, at the most, only my confirmation of their solutions.

Heading to a village in the Rupununi
Heading to a village in the Rupununi

Using collaborative tools such as Google Drive and Meet, consultations can easily and effectively take place via the Internet. I am however just as willing to visit your premises, offices or village – even if it means wading through flooded jungle.

So, if you are one of the smart people and if you would like to discuss ways in which I can assist you then I look forward to hearing from you via

An Alpine communication mast that I implemeted.
An Alpine communication mast that I implemented to supply a village with Internet.

You can read about a selection of projects that I have been involved in on the portfolio page. Or visit our projects page to read about our “ready to go” offerings.