Get organised!

A short “ready to go” project. In three weeks you will get organized, discover where your time is going, and improve your effectiveness.

Project details

You dream of being ORGANIZED and EFFECTIVE? You wish to ACHIEVE more with less effort?

An entrepreneur asked me to “optimize how I use my time, and delegate better.” Another business owner explained, “I need help dealing with stuff and organizing everything.” I asked them exactly what the problems were and how they spent their business day.  Neither could satisfactorily answer any of these questions. If you can not answer these questions either, you will never be able to organize or optimize your business life and processes effectively.

Over three weeks, I will assist you in analyzing exactly how you are using your time. We will keep a complete list of every task you have to deal with and get everything out of your head and into the list. I will be monitoring the list every working day and will encourage, support and guide you.

I will use each list item as the trigger to understand what you are doing, why you are doing it, if you should be doing it and how we can optimize or eliminate the item or the process. 

Finally, I  will summarize the results in writing within four working days and provide outline suggestions for organizing and optimizing the situation.

Price and timeline

Fixed price: €300

During three weeks (15 working days) we will work together to create, consider and understand the task list. After the three weeks and within four days I will summarize the results in writing.

The project includes 90 minutes of live consultation. Each additional 10 minutes of consultation costs  an additional €4

Frequently asked questions

I have too much to do, and you ask me to create an additional list?

The good news – there is always good news – is that you do not have to sit down and write the list in one session. Keep it open next to you and add items as they occur. It will grow without much effort.

Can we keep and organize the task list in XYZ?

We can keep, organize, order and comment the list in whichever system you prefer. The only precondition is that you can give me write access to the list. I suggest we chose a system that works across your devices and is easy for you to use.

When and how can I reach you during the project?

Working days are Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays in the client’s country of residence. Telephone or video contact can be agreed as necessary. A mutually agreeable appointment should be arranged one working day in advance.

How can I be sure that you will keep all my information confidential?

I understand that coaching requires trust and I take all the necessary organizational and technical measures to protect your information. Additionally, I can, if you require, email you a signed confidentiality agreement on the first day of the contract.

Steps for completing your project

The contract

You order the project by email, telephone or whatever you prefer. I will then send you a signed contract.

Get started

A short meeting to ensure that we both understand the method and the tools we will be using. Set up the collaborative list and try it. I will answer your questions. You need to be able to spare me half an hour of your time for this initial meeting.

We need to agree on a collaborative system that allows me to view and work on your list as you create it. I prefer Google Keep, but if you have a preference, we can use that. If you are not sure, then contact me. Together we will find a solution.

Externalize the situation

You will create a list of all the tasks you have to deal with, no matter how big or small. I will provide motivation, suggestions, and support. I will ask questions to help us understand better what is happening and to document the situation.


I will summarize the results as a PDF report within four working days. I will provide outline suggestions for organizing and optimizing your situation. It will help you understand your situation better and, with or without external help, improve.